The Last Mile AZ

Helping people complete the last mile of their journey.


It all started when…

In December of 2018, a group of friends rallied together to help migrants and asylum seekers who were being dropped by the busload in Phoenix by ICE without food, clothing, or money. Lots of other local volunteer organizations came forward to help, too - there was a group for handling clothing donations, and another for medical care. There was a group for finding shelter, and one for food preparation, and another for organizing volunteer host families - but one need remained unmet: the language barrier.

Our organization was formed in order to help travelers make it the last mile from Phoenix to their sponsor families scattered across the US. We provide both in-person and remote translation services, prepaid phone kits, and assistance in making travel arrangements. We believe that every person deserves to feel safe in this country. We are The Last Mile AZ.


Our Mission

The Last Mile AZ helps connect migrants and asylum seekers as they journey the last mile from Phoenix to their sponsor families scattered across the country.  There is currently no formal process to ensure they make it safely home. We provide translation services - both in person and remotely - to aid in travel arrangements, general translation services, and most importantly a sense of safety and security.  This assistance helps to ensure that these travelers arrive safely at their final destinations.