Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Last Mile AZ?

A. The Last Mile AZ is a grassroots Arizona nonprofit. We provide prepaid travel phones and translation services to migrants and asylum-seekers as they journey from Phoenix to their sponsor families across the United States.

Q. Why do people need phones?

A. These phones provide access to a dedicated translator and emergency services in case travelers get lost or confused - these families typically don’t speak any English, and are travelling through a huge unfamiliar country. Our phones give them peace of mind and security.

Q. Are the people you’re helping here legally?

A. The people we help are currently participating in a legal immigration process.

Q. I am bilingual but I don’t live in the Phoenix area. How can I help?

A. We have opportunities for non-local volunteers to help via phone. If you have flexible availability, you can be assigned as a phone buddy to a traveler; they will be given a prepaid phone to use along their journey to their US sponsor, and will call or text you if they get lost, confused, or otherwise need assistance. If your availability is more sporadic, you can also assist via phone by helping sponsors arrange travel from Phoenix.


Q. I want to help, but I don’t speak Spanish. What can I do?

A. Spread the word! Share our website to your friends on social media to help us find more volunteers. We are also always accepting donations. Every $50 donation provides one prepaid phone kit to a vulnerable family in need. Click “Donate” at the top of this page to donate today.